Our Mission Statement

The Wexford Genealogy Organization is a nonprofit organization that was started in 2002. WGO was formed for the purpose to create and build interest in the study of family history and to preserve local genealogical records.

Our Objectives:

  • To preserve and collect historical record of ancestors and local history.
  • To compile, prepare, and index records of local interest.
  • To aid members of the community with instructions on current genealogy  research.
  • To raise funds, solicit and obtain grants, and donations for our objectives.
  • To hold membership and board meetings to plan projects and condluct business.
  • To offer educational seminars, classes, and guest speakes on topics related to genealogy research.
  • To offer a newsletter with current happenings of our group.

Our Library Resources:

  • Wexford County Probate Books -1901-1957
  • Wexford County Cemetery Records/Townships
  • Cadillac News obits Indexed 1800-2019
  • State Death Records
  • Cadillac City Phone Directtories
  • Old Cadillac Newspapers Indexed
  • Family History Donated Binders
  • Wexford County Platt Books-1900-1910
  • Microfilm Reader/Printer
  • Family Tree Magaines for Updates
  • Old Cadillac Evening Newspapers-1940-
  •  Cadillac High School Year Books
  • Atlas and maps of local area.
  • Patron Tree For Family Memorials($50 per Leaf)
  • Computer Program: Ancestory World.com on THREE COMPUTERS. 


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