Here's A Few Sites to check out how your Ancestors' may have traveled, lived, cooked, ate, etc.
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There's a Digital Library on American Slavery at
Here, descendants of slaves and slave owners alike can learn more about this tragic period of America's past.  The information - much of it unavailable elsewhere - covers about 80,000 slaves, 8,000 free people of color and 62,000 whites.

What an awesome site I stumbled upon...  It's called 
"GenDisasters"  and is just what it says.  It's about "Events that touched our ancestors' lives"  You can search by State or Disaster.


Keep your heirlooms' legacies from getting lost by writing the stories of their pasts.  Treasure Tales tells you how.


Ever wonder what was going on during your ancestors life time?  Check out this site and create a timeline  (Of 5 to 140 year span)


The Ships List provides all sorts of ocean going travel information, including transcripts of original documents, illustrations and databases.

The 19th Century in Print - Travel and Westward Expansion
A great way to learn about your ancestors' traveling experiences is to read other's accounts.

What would be more basic to life than food??  Here are lots of ways to find out more about what they ate, when and how.
WOW! I'm going to be spending a lot of time on this site.  Recipes, history, etc.  YaHoo!!  My kinda site.

Homestead National Monument of America

What did your ancestors' home look like?  How was it built?  What furniture was inside?

Another consuming site for us gals.... Information and visual depictions of clothing, hats, jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes and hairstyles of our female ancestors from 1750 to present.

Learn about the unfamiliar clothing   Americans wore throughout our nation's history.  See how ordinary people dressed in 1700 to 1900.  Requires the Flash Player.

What Church Did Grandpa Attend?
An excellent article about the importance of the religious affiliations of our ancestors, how to identify them and where to find records.

"Every Man His Own Doctor"
Learn about attitudes toward illness and medicine in American history.

The cost of Victorian living in England during 1888 with a list of average expenditures for everyday items, food, clothing, etc., wages for various occupations in the 1860's and how much money a man would carry.

DIARIES AND LETTERS are the absolute best sources for information about the day-to-day lives of our ancestors are written by them or by their contemporaries.
Consider these sites.

Focusing on the American South, this site is a wonderful resource for information about the lives and times of southern forebears.
Has letters, memoirs and diaries by slaves, soldiers, laborers and aristocrats.

Last but not least, This site is loaded with Canadian sites that will help in so many ways.

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