Who isn't interested in finding and checking out new websites?  Periodically there will be new and interesting websites placed here that you may find interesting.


The Internet Archive and its Wayback Machine preserve a variety of content: books, web pages, audio recordings, videos, television broadcasts and more.  Its modest goal: "provide Universal Access to all Knowledge."
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Google (Google Earth) – www.google.com/earth
An amazing way to tour the world from the comfort of your easy chair!  Simply type in an address and watch the world come to you through your computer screen.  Some limitations based upon whether or not Google has recorded travel through an area. 
If you want to remove your listing from the most popular online telephone directories, here are the links and instructions to do so. Note that this is not an exhaustive list, but it does cover the major sources.   http://askbobrankin.com/remove_phone_listing.html


An App for your iPod Touch or iPad  You can take your tree wherever your travels take you.  All you need is an Ancestry.com family tree.   http://www.ancestry.com/ancestry-app

Recently I've been thinking about the end of life and I wonder if you are too?  I have had a full life that could come to an end in a heartbeat and I'm thinking it would be a wonderful gift to my family to write my own obituary, not only to save them the hardship, but to give my last expression, act and words of love to each of them.
If any of you find yourself contemplating writing your own obituary, here's a wonderful website with plenty of guide lines, tips, pitfalls and a basic obituary template.
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Why Journal?  To many reasons to count!
The benefits of keeping a diary or personal journal are endless.  Diane recently subscribed to the FREE edition of PENZU.  A journaling program that emails you  either morning, afternoon or evening, reminding you that it's time for you to journal.... 
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While your at it, you might want to give Dropbox a try. 
Click on the link and you can watch a demo and sign up for a FREE download. 


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